Three Reasons To Consult With An Attorney About A Misdemeanor Charge

Posted on: 24 August 2017

Many people associate the need for a criminal defense attorney with those charged with a felony. Thinking the need for legal counsel is not necessary when charged with a misdemeanor. But this is not true, and the consequences can be severe. The following are a few reasons to consider hiring a criminal defense attorney for a misdemeanor charge. It may be possible to have the charges dropped Depending upon the circumstance of the case, it is possible that your misdemeanor charge can be dismissed. [Read More]

Explaining Behaviors Or Appearances That May Be Mistaken For Intoxication

Posted on: 23 August 2017

Failing the DUI (driving under the influence) field sobriety tests doesn't automatically mean you are drunk even though it does a good job of making it seem so. There are valid alternative reasons why someone would fail the tests despite being drunk; here are four examples of these alternatives: Physical Impairments Some forms of physical disabilities can hinder your performance in the field sobriety tests. For example, an overweight driver, a driver with a hip injury or a driver suffering from a leg deformity may find it difficult to perform any test that involves standing on one leg or walking on a straight line satisfactorily. [Read More]

3 Tips To Keep In Mind When Applying For Citizenship

Posted on: 19 August 2017

Making the decision to immigrate to the United States can be exciting, but it also requires that you invest some time and attention to the citizenship process. If you plan to apply for citizenship once you arrive, then you will need to ensure that you are able to complete the application process with ease. Here are three tips that you should keep in mind when applying for citizenship to help streamline the process: [Read More]

Is It True You Can Be Arrested For DUI Even If You Were Sitting In A Stationary Vehicle?

Posted on: 19 August 2017

When a person is arrested for a DUI, it's typically because they were driving a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In some cases, though, you can be picked up for DUI even if the vehicle is stationary and you're sitting in the driver's seat. Here's this unfortunate turn of events can come about. Physical Control Many states have gotten fairly aggressive about stopping people from driving while intoxicated and expanded DUI laws to let officers also arrest people who appear to be in control of a vehicle while under the influence, even if that vehicle is not moving or turned on. [Read More]