What To Do If You Ever Find Yourself Behind Bars

Posted on: 4 December 2018

Although most people don't plan to ever be arrested, the reality is that it can happen to anyone. Driving recklessly when your insurance has lapsed, getting into an altercation with someone, or being involved in an event that places you on the wrong side of the law could mean that you end up in jail. Even though you hope it never happens to you, it's best to be prepared. If you are ever locked up and need to make some quick decisions, the information below could prove to be priceless.

Keep A Bail Bondsman On Speed Dial

Preparation is most definitely the key to everything. Having the contacts you need within arm's reach will allow you to get in touch with a bail bondsman in a flash. Rather than waiting until you're locked up and risking scrambling to find a quality bail bondsman, it's much better to go ahead and save the number in your phone right now.

A bail bondsman can help out tremendously when you are in jail. Just by making a quick phone call to them you can secure your relief in a much shorter period of time. The bail bonds person is usually available regardless of whether it is day or night. If money is an issue and you don't have the full amount available to pay their fee, you may be able to use some form of collateral as payment instead. Working with a bail bonds agent means that you won't have to alarm those who are close to you and can quietly be released from jail without those in your personal circle of friends being aware of it.

Make Those Courts Dates A Top Priority

After you've been released from jail, you still need to remain vigilant. It is very important that you attend every single court date because failing to do so could mean that you not only forfeit the money that you paid to the bonds person, but you could be arrested again just by your absence. Create alarms, set reminders on your phone, and do whatever you need to do so that you won't miss a single court date. Life can come at you very quickly, and if you get busy, there's always the chance that you will miss a date if you don't make it a top priority.

Going to jail doesn't have to be the end of the world. Let a bail bond service, like Raymond Martinez Attorney at Law, help you get out and do everything in your power to retain your freedom going forward.