Reasons Why You Should Obtain A DUI Attorney

Posted on: 18 April 2018

Have you received a DUI charge? If so, you may want to strongly consider seeking the services of a criminal defense lawyer. Some individuals mistakenly think that they are doomed when they are charged with DUIs. It is important to note that charges are not convictions. This is why it is plausible to do your best to improve your chances of a favorable outcome. The following points will help you to understand why it is ideal to consider obtaining legal representation from a DUI attorney.

Reduced Charges

There are some instances when DUI lawyers can get clients' charges reduced. This means that you would plead to lesser charges, and some charges including the DUI might even be dismissed. For example, a DUI charge might be reduced to reckless driving. Getting charges reduced usually means that the fines are lesser. Probation might also be avoided with reduced or dismissed charges.

Discovery of Errors

There are errors that officers can make during a DUI arrest or traffic stop. Sometimes the validity of the breath test can be used challenge whether or not the test results were accurate. The Breathalyzer machines that are used to administer these tests need to be calibrated to ensure accuracy. Unfortunately, this detail is not always taken care of, and the results of a positive test could be ruled inadmissible by the court. The breath test is usually the crux of DUI cases.

Avoid Jail Time

Going to jail can disrupt an individual's life. It can interfere with their employment. If this is not the first DUI charge, a conviction could result in mandatory jail time. The length of time will depend on a number of factors depending on where the alleged DUI occurred. Common considerations are number of DUI convictions and the length of time that has passed since last DUI, 

Avoid Trial

DUI cases do not have to go to trial. DUI lawyers can negotiate cases with prosecutors. These negotiations save court time, and judges generally favor them. Going to trial can result in missed time from work and other issues. Sometimes prosecutors offer plea deals to individuals who do not have legal representation. However, a DUI lawyer is a good choice for determining whether a plea offer is a good idea. 

A criminal defense lawyer is a good resource to use to understand the DUI laws in your state. They can also advise you of potential consequences you could face if convicted. Defense lawyers are familiar with the way cases are handled, and they will also likely be familiar with state prosecutors and judges that represent and try these cases.