Should You Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney?

Posted on: 29 August 2017

Anyone who has been arrested or charged with a crime, whether a misdemeanor or felony, will quickly find themselves asking one question: should I hire a criminal defense attorney? The answer to this important question is a resounding yes.

While every crime is different, being charged with anything is a serious matter. Criminal charges can lead to a number of severe consequences, including loss of a job, loss of a relationship, time in jail or prison, and having a criminal record. Some legal matters can be handled by yourself, but a criminal arrest warrants the advice and guidance of an attorney who will uphold your rights and work towards the best outcome for your case.

Criminal defense attorney services can help you understand the charges that are being filed and help you discover any possible defense against them. A defense attorney will seek out beneficial plea bargains to seek an ideal resolution to your case. Additionally, a defense attorney will help you understand what you can expect if your case does go to trial.

Do you see why everyone who has criminal charges needs a criminal defense attorney? That's why the court will assign a public defender if someone cannot afford an attorney. However, the best option is to find your own attorney.

Look for an attorney who has experience in your type of case. Inquire about their expertise in the crime you are being accused of committing. For example, if you're being charged with a white collar crime, don't hire an attorney that specializes in DUI cases.

Working with the right attorney who has experience with your type of case will help reduce the charges (such as dropping a felony to a misdemeanor), decrease how severe you punished, and even help you avoid jail time altogether. Of course, if the case does go to trial, they'll also craft a defensive strategy.

Finding the right attorney can take time, and it's worth it not to rush it. Conduct interviews with lawyers in order to find the right one. Ask them how many criminal cases they've handled, how many jury trials they've litigated, how often they work with plea agreements, and if they can provide any references.

How much will criminal defense attorney services cost you? It depends on the attorney you hire. Some attorneys work on an hourly basis, while others work on a flat agreement. Make sure you understand the fees and payment terms before you hire anyone.

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