What To Ask Potential Expungement Attorneys

Posted on: 29 August 2018

When you have crimes on your record, you can find difficulty getting a job or even a place to live. If you want to clear your record for a fresh start, you will need to have your record expunged. You will need an attorney to help you through the process. When you are choosing your attorney, there are some important questions you need to ask, including the following:

Ask About Attorney's Fees

If you want to expunge your record, you should know you will have to pay for the process. When you are reviewing different attorneys, you need to ask exactly how much it will cost to have your record expunged. You also need to find out exactly what the attorney has to do to get your record cleared. It is ideal if you can find an attorney who will provide you with an exact figure, or at least a solid range so you can prepare.

Ask About Your Eligibility

When you are talking to attorneys, you also need to find out if your record is eligible for expungement. To find out, an attorney will first have to look at your criminal record to see what crimes you have been arrested for. Depending on your record, you may be eligible for expungement or sealing.

There is a difference between an expungement and sealing. An expungement is possible if you have been arrested. You will not be eligible for an expungement if you were convicted of a crime. However, you may be able to have your records sealed. Your attorney will have to file the proper paperwork based on your eligibility. The judge will review your case and determine whether or not your record will change.

Ask About the Length of the Process

You should also get an estimate of how long it will take to expunge your record. Ask different attorneys about past cases they have dealt with and about how long each one took on average. This will give you an idea of how long you can expect to remain in your current position, particularly if you have some time sensitivities, such as needing a job or to rent an apartment.

Keep in mind, however, that all cases are different. While one person's expungement process progresses quickly, yours may take a little longer. Give yourself as much time as you can to get a clear record. To help speed the process along, be sure to have all the necessary records and paperwork with complete information so your attorney will not have to search for it. Contact a firm, like Goodman Katz Koonce & Maroc, for more help.